Suga (슈가)

Suga (Korean: 슈가), also known as Min Yoon-gi (민윤기) was born on March 9, 1993 in Buk District, Daegu, South Korea.

Suga became invested in music at an early age, beginning to write music lyrics at the age of 13, at which time he also learned about MIDI.
At 17, he worked a part-time job at a recording studio, at which point he began investing himself more into music and composing, rapping and performing.

Musically, Suga wears many hats: he’s a rapper, songwriter and producer—he actually joined BTS as a record producer initially!

Like his bandmates, he has been awarded the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2018 by the President of South Korea for his contribution to South Korean culture.

Name origin

Suga’s (슈가) stage name comes from the first syllabe of “shooting guard” (슈팅 가드), the position he occupied in basketball as a student.